The Empress's Era


The Empress's Era,

A thousand years after the Great Calamity, the Reconstruction Era had just ended, sparking a new era. This was an era which gave rise to multiple heroes, thus coming to be known as the Heroes Era. However, there was also another name for this era, that was, the Empress’s Era.

Delilah is the crown princess of the Ancient Flower Kingdom. She was found and adopted by the current Queen.

Growing up Delilah lived an uneventful life in the Royal Palace. This however changed after her 8th birthday.

After testing Delilah’s constitution, Delilah was found to be talented to the point where it would most definitely incite the jealousy and malice of the surrounding countries.

But what truly shocked Delilah was that her Grandmother had little more than a decade to live.

Both of these reasons lead Delilah to venture into the outside world with the goal of raising her power, so she can find a way to extend her Grandmother’s life, and uncover the mystery that is her ancestry.

In a world of kingdoms and empires where the strong are kings, and the weak are thieves, join Delilah as fate plays a hand in her adventure with friends and foes, filled with fortune and adversity alike.

Watch Delilah’s rise to power as she claims the title of “The Empress”.

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