The Evolution System


The Evolution System,


This novel is discontinued, but I am going to be restarting the idea of it with a new plot and direction if you want to check that out. The novels name is The Blessing of Gaia, and I hope that you all enjoy it.

By the way I drew a very nice map(if I do say so my self) for that novel, and you can find the tinyurl in its bio.

Jacob Welsh died while trying to stand up for an old man who was being attacked in a dark alleyway. He managed to hold off the criminal long enough for the man to escape, but ended up being stabbed in his lower abdomen and bled to death.

Before Jacob blacked out, he smiled as he knew that his death wasn't entirely in vain.

What Jacob did not expect, was that he would wake up in a small, claustrophobic space covered in a slimy liquid.

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