The Female Lead Is A Lesbian

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The Female Lead Is A Lesbian,

Before, she was Jade Bell the strongest soldier. She was smarter, faster, stronger, and thanks to several painful science experiments a super human and her handmade hightech system.

But she was also a certified badass, killing sc.u.m without second thought and was noturious for stealing the girlfriends of who she considered, "shitty guys who didn't treat them right."

A femnist and helping those she saw who needed help. That was until her bastard father blew up her home and she died with her lover.

She unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of Zoe Chang a weak girl who was betrayed and abused by her family. Who manipulated her into arranged marriage by threating her mother's and brother's life.
To make matters worse her husband was a complete ass! He

1.Brought other women home and making her sleep on the couch

2.Moved several mistresses into the house

3.Calling her names like s.l.u.t or whore for wearing anything above the knees and/or elbow

4.Constantly accused of her of cheating

5.Would encourage his mistresses to bully her

and the list just got worse and worse.

Jade then decided to take revenge for this poor girls suffering and figured while she was at it to test her husband's mistresses abilities in bed, and look for her lover's reincarnation.

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