The Four Symbol Sovereign


The Four Symbol Sovereign,

In ‘Dao continent’ which is located at the center of the universe has a legend that everything was created from the chaos formed by the 'Battle of Four Beasts', and the universe evolved during their battle. Various life forms like flora and fauna and a variety of other races were created from the remains of battle thus forming continents and regions. Even after the continents were created, the battle continued for billions of years, destroying most formed continents.

When people of the continents lived in fear and desperation, there was a man who braved himself and acc.u.mulated the power of 'Heaven and Earth' to stop the four beasts battle by sealing them within his body. His name is "Tian An". The people of Continents revered him as "God Sovereign".

In the farthest part of the universe in ‘Red Jade Continent’ born a boy without Dao veins, his birth mother has a premonition and thought

'My son will become invincible.'

The boy meets his loved ones and encounters various types of trials and tribulations to reach an unimaginable peak in the cultivation universe.


A few chapters have been published and the schedule will be listed shortly.

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