The Fractured Soul: Faded Memoirs

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The Fractured Soul: Faded Memoirs,

2064, the year magic was discovered. Just like how science was introduced into the world, magic was welcomed with both curiosity and prejudice, thus dividing the people. Sera, an orphan girl learns about the dangers and beauty of this newfound secret as she comes into the custody of two magical practitioners who will change her life forever.

"Ahhhhhh!" at the darkest hour of the night a voice was heard. A groan full of pain and misery. A groan full of sadness and grief. "If only I was better", mumbles the woman. Everyone heard it but no one dared to help her. She was an orphan and no one can back her up. She was innocent but the world is not and it took her many years to realize it. She dragged her body, bloodied from all the torture, in to her small room. Full of grief, sadness, anger and misery she lighted a candle, took the shattered pieces and slowly put them together piece by piece as she murmured a chant. Each night with the same emotions, she would light another candle and continue with the pieces as she murmurs the same chant. It took her six nights to light her candles and finish her piece. It was small but it was valiant. It was not human but it carries her deep feelings. With her final piece attached she mumbled the last words of her chant. "I give you life, come bring me peace." and with a deep sigh she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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