The Heathen


The Heathen,

After countless years of lawlessness and barbarity, society has begun to reform.

Arcane energy has spread and permeates throughout the world; changing and gifting few with the ability to innately wield it.

The apocalypse caused the world to become completely devastated. Reshaping continents creating new oceans.

Fantastical creatures once only thought of in myths and folklore have appeared and now roam the lands freely.

The technology we know of has completely disappeared only few remnants of the past remain in the deepest ruins.

Civilization has reached a medieval age in which although grimy isn’t completely filthy. Some archaic yet modern concepts still exist. People throughout the city-states fear the unknown.

The few nomads and vagabonds who have somewhat adapted to the changed world have forgotten their ways in order to become accepted.

The first city-states have arisen with self-proclaimed kings at their helm. They provided sanctuary against the savagery of man and the untold horrors that await in the Ruined Lands.

The new faiths that crept into city-states heathenize and hunt down the people who wield arcane energy. Within the vagabonds and nomads who flock to the city-states seeking a safer life, few gifted recluses must masquerade themselves to avoid prosecution.

A young girl born from a nomadic clan must rise from nothing to become one who can overcome all.

Protecting those who she cherishes against prosecution for their mystic abilities.

Seeking to explore the world and find foreign lands.

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