The Kingpin Fantasy System


The Kingpin Fantasy System,

One Day. John Johnson encounter the God of Fortune, and allow him to choose what he wants to do after he died. For a joke after read a novel about the evil lord that control the underworld, he chooses to become the kingpin from the new world.

God grant his wish and give him a powerful system who allow him to manage and purchase and hire mercenary and other henchmen to operate his business when he become other thin after he die.

He just chose to become something extremely powerful, tough and charming. God transform him to a Dragonewt with a bloodline of one of the Saint Dragon of Darkness and Time, plus three form (Semi humain - Dragonewt - True Dragon).

And last thing what kind of business he want to run. He take the first find he like, alcohol. Woman. Food. Hotel. Just because he like the combination of thing.

God allow him to have unlimited Alcohol drink, Food and hostess for run a little business before conquer the underworld.

This is how a simple man who will become a very dangerous man in another world.

English not my first language.
Warning, the Mc is equal or worst to villain from DC and Marvel Universe about cruelty and deception. Careful or not if you want to read. Not very serious. Disclaim don't do what he does.

Super Hiatsu.

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