The Kings Power

Table of Contents


The Kings Power,

Snow found out the truth about what happend to her parents, who her father really is, and what she could do.

In order to defeat the uprising darkness, she must become stronger and find "the kings power," but not all is that easy, especially when she caught a dark eyed prince's attention.

But with the darkness heading to the crown city, will they survive, or will the darkness rule?

And will there be time for love for the too, when Snow's objective is the only thing that is on her mind?"I know who you are, where you come from, and what you can do, you are very
much like your parents."

"You knew my parents?'' The girl asked
the man to which he replied, "yes, I knew them very well, I once had a promise with your father, but now I want you to promise me something. I know that you and my son are close, I've seen the way he treats you, you are very important to him" The man told the girl, "so I must ask you, please keep my son safe, protect him, and never leave his side."

"I promise. I do care about him, and I will stay with him till the day he asks me to leave." The girl answered truthfully, the man then smiled and said, "that is all I can hope for."

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