The Lazy System's Path


The Lazy System's Path,

The System Association is an overpowered hidden aid made for the prosperity of worlds. It creates systems to aid protagonists in achieving strength to lead their worlds to a better future.

There's a total of 1000 system as its members and rankings are also present. Every time their hosts die, they will meet the same fate. Newly born systems will replace their spot in the association. The SA did it this way to let the systems take their job seriously.

Killed for being too useless and lazy, Argen, an 18 year old from Earth, suddenly finds himself becoming a system to a protagonist of a world where magic and strength reigns.

The association's mission to its systems is to lead their protagonists to the pinnacle and strive to achieve the 1st strongest system title.

But Argen didn't want these and just wanted to slack off. But did he have a choice? Nuh-uh.

Like how the system gives missions, rewards and punishments to its host, the System Association also gives these to its members.

[System no. 901, you will be entitled to punishment #5 if you continue to slack off until 12 pm]

"Sh*t okay! Okay! I'll do it! Geez! So annoying!"

But little did anyone know that his attitude would actually be the trigger to him acquiring capabilities beyond what an ordinary system could wield.

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