The Legend Of Saga


The Legend Of Saga,

At the age of twenty, aspiring designer Blair Clarielle had to leave behind her dreams of opening her own store because she did the stupidest thing possible: got pregnant. Now, five years later, she's back on her A-game because of a chance benefactor that gave her enough money to finally open it. The catch is... the condition is that she has to marry him within a year if she can't pay back twice the loan amount.

Dealing with hot guys on her design team?

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

Shutting down all the girls who try to take her down in petty ways?

"*Yawn* Can I have a challenge?"

Stopping her benefactor from brainwashing her child to tell her to marry him?

"Not that much of a challenge!"

Amazing cover by WolfQueen_YuNa. Go read their novels!

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