The Lost Heir: Battle Of Royalties

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The Lost Heir: Battle Of Royalties,

Yana is a simple lady yet feisty with a bubbly personality. A lady who grew up in a democratic country whose only dream in life is to see the world’s bright. She never thought that her hobby as a blogger would drag her into a country where royalties battle for one throne—the throne of Allen. Never in her wildest dream did she imagine to be trapped in that unknown kingdom.

Yet in pursuit of her dream, a life and death experience would lead her to meet a mysterious yet alluring man –Liam. The man who escaped the harsh life of slavery and grew up as one of the respected leader of an infamous group. Fate will cause these people with different worlds and with different race to collide. A collision that will trigger the dark secrets that had been buried for years. Ancient enigmas that will ignite the greatest havoc of all time.


“We may be destined to find each other but we were never meant to be together. Our paths may have crossed but were never meant to walk the same road. This is our fate and we must accept it for our own sake. She had served her purpose in my journey to greatness, but I think it’s time to end this madness. If I have known that our journey together will end this way, I should have not allowed my heart to be swayed. Ah! should I keep her in my side and lose my birthright?” ~~~~ LIAM

“Destiny is sure cruel. He gives easily but takes back cruelly. I was taught to fight for what I want in life. but now, I don’t know if it is right. what must I do? should I stay or should I go? should I pursue my dreams in life or should I fight for my love?” ~~~ DIANA

“I love you, you love me; then why don’t we write our own story? It is risky, but what if, it’s worthy? We had endured so much trials together, walked the same path altogether. Can’t we surpassed this rock bottom as ever? Should we just give up all the journeys we had and allow our different worlds to destroy the building rocks that we had created? Is love enough to overcome the hurdles alongside us?"~~ DIANA and LIAM

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