The Love Of A Lycan Volume 1: TORAK DONOVAN Chapter 375 - NEED HIM ALIVE

When Raine mentioned Clarice's name and remembered what she had been through because of Ryan, especially their son, Jade, Raine couldn't help but felt her anger rose from her stomach to her throat.

Clarice's eyes that filled with anguish, when she spoke to Raine about her last wish, were something that she would never forget.

"Clarice…" Alpha Ryan said her name with disgust, he pulled Jenedieth closer as he kissed her forehead and smirked. "That woman is not even my mate."

Raine's face remained expressionless upon hearing Alpha Rayan's reply, after all, what she would expect from someone as low as him?

Raine stepped back, she was slightly behind Serefina as Calleb and Raphael moved forward, seemingly knew what would be Raine's next order.

Just like what they have thought, Raine raised her hand again and spoke in her sweet and timid tone, yet there was an authority that laced in her voice.

"Kill them all."

With that was being said, there were another waves of beasts that jumped over the walls, they roared and growled as they easily outnumbered the people that Ryan and Jenedieth had brought with them, also the member of the three pack under, Alpha Brian, Alpha Danny and Alpha Ralph.

The huge number of the beast that came with Raine not only shocked Calleb and Serefina who didn't know about this, but also the remaining five Alphas behind them.

Those reinforcements were the beast from red river city, which they had been discussing with Calleb. Needless to say, those beasts were Torak's original pack member.

In matter of second, that place was being turned upside down, the vast front yard with beautiful garden and fountain had become a battlefield.

Angry roars and shrill screams filled the air that could make everyone who heard that shivered in fear.

Serefina grabbed Raine's wrist to pull her inside the house as those beasts had wrecked havoc. If they didn't careful enough, it would be they who got clawed accidentally.

"Over here." Serefina used her magic to protect Raine and herself from the situation around them.

With Serefina fast paces, Raine had to run to catch up with her. It was a good thing that Serefina used her magic to protect them because at that time, there was a beast that jumped onto Raine once both of them were inside the house.

The shield of magic repelled it attempted and its body bounced backward as if the beast just hit a solid wall.

When the beast wanted to stand back another beast had clawed its head as they went into another battle.

However, the second beast busted down the door with ease and stormed toward Raine, from red- brick color of its fur and it eyes, one could easily guess that it was Alpha Ralph.

The beast growled and roared loudly before she pounced onto Raine in her second attempt, yet Serefina responded very fast and was way too strong for the Alpha werewolf like Ralph.

With a flick of the witch's finger the beast dropped his head to the ground as he let out a whimper, as if he was calling for someone because he wasn't able to move even his paw.

Raine knew how bad it felt like to be unable to move, Serefina once did the same thing to her.

Just when Serefina's green lime eyes turned slightly darker as hideous thought flickered in her pretty head, another beast broke the window glass and ran to the red- brick color beast.

There was no need for genius to guess who the beast was. Of course, it was Alpha Ryan, he was very invested to kill Raine.

Without further ado, the beast tried to attack Serefina, but his measly attempt was the same action that Alpha Ralph had done.

Followed the Alpha Ryan's beast was another bigger beast with his beautiful grey fur color. Raine swore the big grey beast smirked at her before he pounced onto the Alpha Ryan's beast and tackled him down with ease.

At this point, this was very clear, the plan that Ryan and Jenedieth had manifested wasn't going as they expected.

"So, tell me how do you find those Lycan from the red river city?" Serefina shifted her attention toward Raine while still holding the beast on the ground as the fight between Ryan and Calleb still continued.

The witch asked as if the commotion out there meant nothing for her.

Geez, at least she could wait until the situation calmed before posting a question to Raine, yet the gaze from her slightly dark green lime eyes, told Raine that she wanted the answer now.

"I met them mid way." Raine glanced at Alpha Ralph's beast, which was still trying to free himself from the witch magic.

"And how about the blood on the front of your body? Is that the same blood that you had seen in your vision?" Serefina nodded at the stained of blood that wasn't covered by the jacket that Raphael gave to her.

"Yes, it is." Raine nodded. This was indeed the blood that she saw in her vision, though she would have never thought it would end that way for her and Sunny.

But, Raine had come to term with herself. She would do everything to save Sunny if there was a way, yet unfortunately there wasn't, thus she could only do what she could do.

"So, tell me that you can control your own power now." Serefina looked at Raine expectantly. It was such a waste to have a great power, but didn't know how to control it.

"No." Raine didn't live up the witch's expectation. "I still don't know."

Upon hearing that, Serefina let out a frustrated growl as she pushed Alpha Ryan's beast harder to the ground.

"You will kill him." Raine noticed that the beast had rolled his eyes as he started to shift back to his human form.

"Don't you order to kill them?" Serefina raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"I still need him alive if you don't mind." Raine shrugged her shoulder.

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