The Multiverse Conqueror Volume 4: Volume 4: The World of Devil's Chapter 495 - Asia Argento, the Virgo Crystal Key Holder

"And the third match begins, let see what number will get of each leader," Nuad excited said

Xin and Sairoarg walk to the dice area and take their own dice then throw it inside of the golden bowl.

"4" Xin

"5" Sairaorg

"And we have a 9, you can now pick the next player who's going into the field," Naud said.

"Because Xin team don't have any low value, Lord Xin can pick any player that near to the number 9"

"Asia-chan, it's your time now," Xin looked at Asai who was slightly nervous. This was her first time fighting, she was usually in the backline helping the wounded.

But this time it's different, Asia can now fight anyone with her specialties item.

"T-Then I'm going," Aisa nervously walked to the stadium.

"Good luck Asia-chan," Xenovia said.

"Don't get nervous, just stay calm," Rossweisse said.

"Win Asia-chan," Ravel said.

"Umm," Asia nodded.

From Sairaorg's Team, they choose 1 Bishop, 1 knight, and 1 Rook, while on Fei's Team is Asia.

"The Fei Family has chosen the Virgo Crystal Key, Asia Argento for the third match," Naud said.

"Against him is 3 people from Bael Family, Coriana Andrealphus the Bishop, Gandoma Balam the rook, and Liban Crocell The knight"

"And the field is the Old Mansion mountain, let the third exhibition match begin!"

The 4 of them transfer to an old abandoned mansion, Asia looks at her opponent, this is not going to be easy.

"Book of Maiden"

An oversized book appears in front of her, then she waves her hand and takes a bunch of pages from it.

"Summon Wool Sheep Warrior!"

Asia uses 4 pages to summon 3 feet tall sheep warriors wearing knight armor, this ability is the copy from Shuri yesterday to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

"Enhanced Speed"

"Enhanced Magic Resistance"

"Enhanced Defense"

"Enhanced Strength"

"Energy Barrier"

The sheep warrior is now shining in different colors, outlooks like a rainbow sheep for meth special effect of the buff Asia use.

"5 Way Barrier!"

Asia then erects 5 stacks of barriers around her for safety, then she commands the sheep warrior.

3 of the Bael's peerage feel their scalp tingling, based on the energy coming from this cute looking sheep warrior it the same level of High-Rank Devil, and maybe more because of a bunch of buffs that Asia uses.

"I'm going!" Gandoma dash, infighting is his expertise and this Sheep Warrior looks super brittle.

He then punches one Sheep Warrior that comes from him, but he discovers something funny, the Sheep Warrior is made from wool so it's soft.

His punch only imbeds in Sheep Warrior's stomach, that's all, he did not even make any damage from it.

"Careful!" Coriana shouted.

Gandoma sees a gigantic wool fist coming from him, the first thing that comes to his mind is that the puns will be soft as a marshmallow.


And he is right, soft like marshmallow but there's a difference from the punch, the Sheep Warrior punch is a pack of power.


Gandoma's upper body destroys from just one punch, his body is immune to any kind of magic but it's not immune to destructive physical damage.

If you want to compare the Sheep punch to anyone, White Beard is the power that closely resembles that punch or Luffy Bounce Man's ability.

Coriana hurriedly made a bunch of icicle spears and threw it to the incoming Sheep Warrior, she hit them but there's a problem.

Sheep Warrior is immortal, they will never destroy in one shot, and not only that Asia the super healer will heal and repair all the damage that the Sheep Warrior took.

As for Liban, he is pretty useless, his 'Gravity Jail' can only hold one Sheep Warrior, but what about the other one?

He is pretty smart to use ice magic to hold it down, but the energy he currently uses is too much, his stamina consumes fast from all the skill and magic he uses.

And the last Sheep Warrior arrives, the one who One Punch Gandoma, then the battle becomes one-sided.

They did not even touch Asia or even fire any single spell at him, she is pretty safe inside of the 5 Way Barrier while assisting the Sheep Warrior.

After being pummeled by the Sheep Warrior, Liban and Coriana were eliminated.

*Warhorn Sound

"T-This, this is a one-sided battle, the winner Fei Team!" Naud, who was pretty shaken, announced.

"The third match goes to the Fei team, the winner of the second match, Asia Argento"

Asia happily ran back to her team, seeing their smile she felt content on her win, it's pretty easy, clean, and super fast.

Meanwhile Sairaorg looked at Xin's team, he did not expect that even the healer in their team is strong, maybe stronger than his own Queen.

Then he looks at her mother, he doesn't know how strong her mother is but she knows that the next match will not be easy.

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