The Normal Farmer


The Normal Farmer,

A normal person is suddenly summoned to another World. Upon arrival, a group of Mages, Guards and a spoiled Prince waits him. His status are pitiful and made him weaker than the average Farmer. In the second attempt, they summon a dog, a K9 German Sheppard Police Officer. Oddly, with low status as well.
Upon escaping the cave to where they were summoned, starts their new life in a strange, medieval, and magical World.
What happens when he finds out that he can also use Magic, but at a scary level? Will he take over the World or live an insignificant life, like he used to have? What if other people were also summoned, but in diferent parts of the World? Or someone that was born in that World, but had 110 years of time to gain more Magic? What will happen when they meet? Will the World get destroyed, or changed forever?

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