The One I've Loved

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The One I've Loved,

Most of us have or had a crush when we were in school ,to whom we never proposed because of the circ.u.mstances or sacred of being rejected by them .Instead ,we choose to keep it as a secret ... Just one glance at our crush would make our day ...having a crush is incomplete without having a friend with an brain a good heart

This Is a love story of Jessica Olsen who have a crush on the school's popular guy Austin Ames

This story is a kind of slow romance genre, give it a try if you want to read a feel good story and you are being warned since there are 18+scenes too, hope you guys like it .
The place where I was standing , it was silent yet a perfect bliss. I saw the moon was shining bright and the stars twinkling in the sky , the roads were empty with flickering streetlights and children were playing . I could hear the sound of breeze and the trees swaying in a rhythm , it made me feel euphoric .

I was startled by hearing a voice from behind , it was a voice which makes my heart flutter . And in that silent night hearing his voice made me feel like a morning coffee which was deep and addicting .

I knew who it was , I turned back and looked at Austin. He wore a white shirt and a black jeans , his thick black and light brown hair was shining as always .

As the wind blew through my hair , I tucked it behind my ear .
Beautiful , I heard him saying and when I looked at him I saw him looking at the stars .
Indeed , I replied and finished my juice in one gulp .
He was looking only at the stars and admiring them while I was looking at the stars and at him .


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