The Pet Protector's Pet


The Pet Protector's Pet,

She was once a promising veterinarian who had a bright future ahead of her. However, she tragically lost her life before she could pursue her dream of opening up an animal sanctuary. Yet instead of fading into nothingness, upon her death she comes face to face with the pet protector himself - an eccentric god who's responsible for the protection of all pets around the world! Having taken interest in her when she was alive he decides to make his executor - the person responsible for carrying out his will on earth. Reincarnated as a daughter of the court veterinarian in the aptly named "Animal kingdom" of Falora, where animals are considered sacred, she follows her dream of becoming a top-tier veterinarian by attending the royal veterinary academy while meeting new friends along the way and gathering several exotic and rare pets for her animal sanctuary.

What's even more strange is that she somehow ends up becoming the pet protector's pet!? As his so-called 'pet' she is doted upon and given a cheat ability allowing her to talk to and understand animals!? "Hey god, aren't you spoiling me a bit too much?"

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