The Princess And The Lord

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The Princess And The Lord,

This is the stories of two different people, from two different world (literally)
she was loved while he was hated
her born was celebrated while he was despised.

she was protected while he was abused everyday

she is gentle, warm and kind while he was cold, cruel and vicious

but with the twist of faith, their world collides with each other, they will learn to one another he will teach her to be hopeful and live for herself, while she will teach him the joy to share and sacrifices.

together they will learn to understand each other, accept each other and love each other, and soon their love will change the faith of the world

Princess: can you stop starring at me while I'm sleeping?

The Lord: I can't...

The Princess: are you gonna starring at me the whole night?

The Lord: Yes!

The Princess: Can you at least act like a normal man who took advantage of a maiden while in her room.

The Lord:........Then this Lord would oblige

The Princess: WAIT, this princess is kidding, just kidding, wait.......!

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