The Princess And The Lord Volume 1 Chapter 415 - The Poor Little Girl

For a few days Lory and Girsha watching over Mo Ning Yuan relentlessly, this time lory more determined to know everything about Mo Ning Yuan, she also contacts Mon Gui to send her all information about Mo Ning Yuan she also conveys about the intimated relationship between the elder Xie and Mo Ning Yuan.

When Mong Gui heard about the news he make an expression like he was thrown by feces, it was utter disgust. Even Lory was shocked by Mo Ning Yuan's loose behavior not to mention for a conventional man like Mong Gui. Once he heard about the news he becomes more eager to digged deeper about the Mo family past and also Mo Ning Yuan. Together with Yu Rui who working as a maid at the Mo Manor, they dig a lot of valuable information.

One of them is the close relationship between the Xie Hua Ling and Mo Xin Gi, they have a close relationship like brothers. The rumors that encircled the Mo manor was Mo Ning Yuan adored Xie Hua Ling but at that time he already has a sweetheart Chen Yi Suan so everyone thought is only one-side love but then Yu Rui have another shocking news from the former maids who is now working at the brothels because the Mo family sold her there.

Yu Rui promised to save her from the brothels and send her to a safe place, although the poor woman didn't believe it completely, but having false hopes is better than having no hopes at all and so she conveys everything to Yu Rui. 

She was sell out because she caught Mo Ning Yuan having intercourse with Xie Hua Ling, the young master has secret rendezvous with Mo Ning Yuan, the poor girl hears weird sounds from her young miss roo, she thought Mo Ning Yuan is in trouble so she innocently barged in because she cares for Mo Ning Yuan but who would have thought her fate is sealed that night.

Mo Ning Yuan scared she would know what she had done with Xie Hua Ling she accused her stealing her jewelry and kick her out from the manor and sell her out to the brothels, once the poor girls become courtesan no one would believe her words anymore.

Lory who returned to the bas.e.m.e.nt listened to Yu Rui's information with a deep frown "Is Mo Ning Yuan always like that? I mean, is she always has a tendency to become vixen or 'white lotus' type of girl?" Lory suddenly got curious.

Yu Rui shakes her head "No, the truth is before the fallen of Mo family, Mo Ning Yuan is a lovely girl, a bit ignorance and innocent, some even said she was quite timid that why she used to hide behind her brother all the time when she faces strangers" Yu Rui who serves Mo family has witnessed the drastic chance on Mo Ning Yuan the difference is like night and day and it happened so fast.

"Is there anything particular before Mo Xi Gi died, just think carefully, it might something insignificant…I don't mind if its small things, just remember carefully, something just out of ordinary…" Lory persuaded Yu Rui to recalled her memory.

Yu Rui suddenly clapped her hands "Oh, I remember something….but it might not be related" she sheepishly smiles.

Lory smiles "It's fine, just tell me…" she comforts her with a gentle voice.

Yu Rui flushing a little bit, the young madam is easy to talk and kinder than the rumor is she also smart and meticulous person under her guidance they able to reveal more secret than they ever have done for years, when she finished her job in Sacred Mountain peak would the young madam welcomed her to served her….but wait, is that means she would meet the demon Lord in daily basis? everyday? Yu Rui's eyebrows twitch as Zhao Li Xin intimidating face pop on her head and quickly she disbands her previous plan.

"Yu Rui?" Lory called her as she notices Yu Rui's blank faces.

Yu Rui snapped from her stupor "Apology young madam!" her faces suddenly become red as it feel lory caught what she's thinking.

"It's fine, so what do you know?" Lory chuckles softly.

"Mo Ning Yuan suddenly interested with cooking, she always make soup for Mo Xin Gi, she cooked everything on her own she said she want to show her sincerity to her brothers because all the troubles he put him through" 

"Trouble?" Lory asked.

"Mo Xin Gi is dotting her sister like a pearl, he always protects her like a treasure other than Xie Hua Ling who able to meet her a few times but then he is forbidden to meet his sister again perhaps because all the rumors about Mo Ning Yuan fondness toward Xie Hua Ling, overall he never let Mo Ning Yuan get close with other men, no matter who they are," said Yu Rui.

Lory shocked "Isn't his behavior is quite exaggerated, Li Xin also quite possessive but he never stops me interact with the male servant, and I quite close with Mong Yi" Lory mutters as she felt something is wrong with Mo Xin Gi behavior, Lucas can be overprotected sometimes but he never interferes her relationship with male friends, is it because she raised in a different culture?

"Is that normal?" Lory consecutively looks Yu Rui and Mong Gui.

Yu Rui and Mong Gui shakes their head simultaneously as Mong Gui answer with the weird expression "No madam, that is not normal, as a brother although she restrained her sister from meeting a strange man from outside, but he should not stop Mo Ning Yuan interact with male servants, as a woman there are few things she can't do without the help of male servants such as coachman or bodyguards"

"That's right" Yu Rui also agree "That's why although she has good cultivation she has no experience in battles, make her vulnerable when the enemy attack, she was confined more than normal woman, she never attend banquet all her life, she has no friends so she dependence to Mo Xin Gi is very strong"

"And their parents let him do that?" Lory got perplexed, why no one stops him, everything about Mo Ning Yuan, and her background is getting weirder and mind-boggling. 

The patriarch is busy managed his family and cultivating and he didn't have to much interest with his daughter, the madam also unable against her own Son and so this happened…" Yu Rui shrugged her shoulder.

Lory push the new information as she concentrated on another issue"Oh yes, about her new hobby, what's wrong with her cooking?" 

"Nothing is wrong, she just cooked for Mo Xin Gi and the man seems like it, he even refused to eat any soup other than the one made by Mo Ning Yuan" Yu Rui pursed her lips as she continues "But….a week later, Mo Xin Gi have a breakthrough on his cultivation, is it a coincidence?" she also unsure about this that's why she never tell Mong Gui about it because she also has no concrete proof of the connection between the two.

"It can't be…" Mong Gui rubbed his chin while contemplating with the somber expression "I recalled Mo Xi Gi cultivation suddenly increased by leap and bound then a few months later he suddenly died and Mo Ning Yuan said is because Xie Hua Ling"

Lory pondering for a while then she lifts her head "Li Xin said yo had contact Jin Hao, is there any news from Jin Hao?"

"Yes, young madam but the information is highly classified, I didn't dare to read the messaged without the Lord permission," said Mong Gui.

"Can I see it?" Lory braces herself to ask.

"Of course, young madam is the owner of Xin Xen token, you have the same authority as the Lord" Mong Gui nods his heads as he reassured Lory for her position in Hei Shen sect.

"Ah yeah, I forgot about that…" Lory giggles innocently as she laughing her own carelessness.

The two Hei Shen Members make an inexplicable expression, does young madam didn't realize how powerful Xin Xen token is, with that token she could control all Hei Shen Sect.

"Give me the letter, I have the guts the answer of our question is on the replied from Jin Hao" Lory beckoned Mong gi to pass her the letter.

Mong Gui handed the letter swiftly, the envelope is stamped with sealed dark wax with fire as the symbol of the Hei Shen Sect, Lory carefully opens the envelope, when she read the paper with a serious face, her expression changed to deep frowned then she make a long heaved as she closed the paper and put inside the envelope again.

"I think I know what happened…" Lory mutter as her expression mixed between worry and pity. 

The Princess And The Lord

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