The Progenitor


The Progenitor,

Welcome to the Progenitor!

A life filled with sickness and failing health, a mind grew and developed in the silence of a hospital. With the company of a VR helmet, he became a god in that world, fighting against all odds just to leave his mark.

Now that he only has a few days left to live he hears a mysterious female’s voice. ”Crowley, your days are counting down and they only number in the several hours. In this time find out who your killer is. You have until you die to finish this quest.”

What does he have to lose?

No, the real question is what does he have to gain?

Enjoy the story of our hero as he is reborn into a new world with a special power, a new race that he controls!

Will he rise to power with his trashy creation magic?

Will he die in this new world too, leaving another world where he is only half fulfilled?

Who the hell is Dave?

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