The Reincarnation God


The Reincarnation God,

A little girl fights against parasite-like monsters who can obliterate a multi-storey building with a single punch. She has long black hair, dark-blue cold eyes which turn blood red once in a while and porcelain white skin, and she kills the people who use those parasite monsters to control the world. Her name is Rei Ishikawa. She is doing a favor to humanity by killing them, right? Yet, she is branded as a criminal. The people who fight along her are branded as terrorist and gangsters. What a poor girl...

Rei used to be a supreme being. A being beyond death, a being whom mortals may call a god. Yet, she was thrown into the cycle of reincarnation by the Empress of the Aes plane.

Without her memories, how will she survive this endless cycle of reincarnation? She has already had enough in this life of hers. Her childhood was utter hell. With no family, she was tortured, molested, and used as a lab rat.

Now, she will kill anyone who opposes her. She will do anything to achieve her dream. Her dream, which she will turn into reality, to kill God of this cursed world. The false excuse of a God, who laughed at her miserable life, and granted her a little of its powers, to protect her pitiful self.

Wait... She isn't a girl! It's a trap! I saw her d.i.c.k!

See how Rei embarks on a journey of Reincarnation while finding who he really is. In this endless journey, will he find love? Will he get the memories of his previous life? Will he get some overpowered abilities?


Author's note:

I only own my OC's. I also own the plot plot of this fanfiction. You dare post this somewhere else without my permission and I will write your name in my death note.(Laughs maniacally while eating potato ch.i.p.s with his left hand.)

English is not my first language. It may lack basic grammar. (It 'will' lack basic grammar. My grammar is pretty bad. My vocabulary is very limited)

In some cases, I will follow the canon plot completely, in some partly, and in some, I won't follow the canon at all.

Worlds the MC will reincarnate in :
1. Parasyte
2. Youjo Senki
3. Darling in the Franxx...

This is only a fanfiction and does not want to harm a person's religious/cultural beliefs.

This fanfiction does not want to harm a nation's/person's reputation.


There won't be any constant releases.

The Fanfic may contain some gruesome(?) scenes.

This will be more like a novel rather than a fanfiction.

Rei is an atheist. He will mock the beliefs of religious people.(He is just like me)
Please don't hold a grudge against me or Rei if we somehow offend you.


On a second thought, it can be considered your basic wish fulfillment fanfiction.

MC is a little bitch. He will forgive others easily even if they hurt him and will seek an ideal world.

MC is your typical beta male who likes to be dominated by random thots.

MC is very useless. Useless than Sakura. Useless than Aqua. Useless than 'that' one goddess from 'the cautious hero'.(I forgot her name)

It will get extremely boring after a certain time.

This Fanfiction is complete crap. Utter garbage.

It follows the same route where a guy gets hit by truck kun and meets a bored God and gets reincarnated for the God's entertainment.

The MC will seek a large harem full of s.l.u.ts who will cheat on him.

There will be a lot of plotholes. Read at your own risk.

PS: This is the type of fan fiction which is written by screw-loose authors. Please shut down your complex thought process when reading this.

PPS: This is a retarded story with retarded characters.

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