The Rhythm Of Love


The Rhythm Of Love,

Li Yan is nicknamed as 'The Nightingale' because of her excellent voice. She is well-known for her soul touching songs.. She won many awards..

But, due to her step-sister and her fiancée, she was badly hurt and lost her voice. Doctors told her that she may not be able to recover her voice.. She was then ridiculed as the nightingale who lost her voice..

When everyone abandoned her, she steeled her heart and she refused love. She believed in herself and tried hard to recover her voice.. Like a ray of hope, He entered her life and supported her during her most difficult times..

Who is he? Why is he helping her? She had many questions in her mind but she did not ask him.

Because of him she understood that ' I am here for you..' is more touching than ' I love you..'

A pair of eyes stared into the other haltingly..
Don't look at me like that.. he said
Why.. she asked
Because I feel like stealing you away and lock you up in my heart.. he replied
Thus began a beautiful story of two hearts..

Follow the musical journey of Li Yan as she rises to the top again crushing all those who stepped upon her, while cherishing her man..

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