The Robot With An Upgrading System Volume 1 Chapter 1

I don't remember who I am, and I can't see anything but after a strange noise I started opening my eyes and started seeing what is around me, all I saw was a small lake and a forest and far away a mountain.

After I start to get up and walk to the small lake, and what I saw surprised me, my face and all my body was grey silver like iron recently forged, my body looked like a medieval armor but I know that it wasn't an armor, it was my skin because I could feel it when I touched it, and also my fase looked different of a normal person, first off all I didn't have a mouth my eyes were a pair of purple lights, the rest of my face resemble a skull without a nose coated in grey silver metal, where my ears supposed to be where a pair of what looked like feelers pointing up backwards and finally in my forehead was a silver horn pointing to the sky.

"Why I look like this I'm a human" even thought I said that I didn't remember who I was only that I was a human in a planet called earth.

"Where even if I'm a robot or not I need a name to start thinking what to do now" after saying that I used the lake like a mirror and started thinking of a name for myself, but in that moment I noticed that there where letters in my left shoulder, I slowly read them and this what they say was "D.R.A.K.E.".

"Drake I think it's my name even, if it isn't I can't think anything better. Well I think my name is Drake now good start." After saying that I heard a strange noise in my head after that noise I heard a female robotic voice into my head it was very pleasant to hear that voice.( Drake voice is like a normal male voice).

"Congratulations host for activating the Robot Upgrading System or RUS if you like it. "

After hearing that I said. " robot upgrading system? What is that and how it works " .

After I heard the same voice saying." The robot upgrading system helps the host to see his stats and upgrading him. This is thanks to the shop system, the upgrading system and the mission system."

"What should I do to see my stats ?" I asked the system.

"Host only need to think and the stats would show themselves." I said "Ok" to the system and after thinking about the stats in my mind suddenly apearse a screen like the screen that appears in a lot of games.

Name: Drake.


Metal: normal iron

Level: 1

Exp: (0/100)

Strength: 20

Wisdom: 20

Intelligence: 20

Endurance: 20

Luck:10 (Max)

Battle strength: initial grade (1)

Skills: none

Weapons: none

Tools: none

Race abilities: energy restoration, negative effects immunity.

Remarks: It doesn't need to sleep or eat, it doesn't feel pain and his energy will restore automatically.

After seeing that I have a pair of questions to the system. "What means metal in my stats list ".

"Host it means what metal or ore you're body is made of ."

"Then my body is made of normal iron, then I should start worrying about the oxide, melting or freezing ."

"Don't worry host thanks to the system you won't rust and also you can use the ores and metals you find to upgrade your body, then there's no way you're body will be damaged by the environment, but this doesn't mean that host can't receive damage, host body could also be broken."

"Ok, and what about my luck why it's maxed and how do I gain experience."

" The luck can only be counted to ( 10 ) and since host has me to help him, it's really lucky, and host will gain experience by completing quests, hunting beasts and many other things."

"I understand and what are the other systems you talked before."

"The robot upgrading system has this three functions: the mission sistem makes quest for the host to improving himself and gain system points, and the quests are divided in daily quests and main story quests, the shop system is for buying weapons, tools and many other things in exchange of points and the upgrading system upgrades the host body and weapons or tools using system points, metals and ores."

"I think I understand all thanks for the explanation System."

"Thanks host, and also to celebrate your and the system awakening you will receive a special present a "starter pack " with a lot of useful things." After the System said that I couldn't help to think what I would receive.

"Really, thanks System then how I open the "starter pack"."

"Like with the stats you only need to think about opening the "starter pack" and it will open."

"Ok , the let's open it."