The Robot With An Upgrading System Volume 1 Chapter 2

After opening the "starter pack" The System said to me, " congratulations host you got "(100)" System points, "the beginer engineering knowledge" and "the excavation kit"."

"I know what are the points used for, but I don't know what are the other things, System can you please explain me what are this things and how I use them."

"Surly yes host, first "the beginer engineering knowledge" gives the host the skill engineering(initial) which gives host the knowledge and abilities to make, handle and repair a lot of machines, weapons, tools and also host owns body, in addition unlocks a new stat panel the job, window, that lets you have the basic skills of that job."

"And the "excavation kit" have three tools for excavation and ores extraction, and they are: the drill arm (white), the shovel arm(white) and the a pickaxe(white). The drill is used to break stones and it can also be used as a weapon, but it isn't recommended to use it in untestable caves since it makes a lot of noises and vibrations, for these the pickaxe is needed since it's more safe to use and finally the shovel is used for digging."

"I only have a question what the words (beginer) and (white) after the job and tools means."

"That's easy host,(white) means the grade of the weapons and tools and it goes like this (white-black-green-blue-red-silver-gold-diamond-(semi-divine)-divine) all of these grades are separated in (low-middle-high)."

"And the world (beginer) means the knowledge you got about that field and the knowledge is divided in (beginer-novice-expert-master), and that should be all host."

"Ok, thanks and where are the tools."

"Host the tools are in your body and like the stats and the other systems you only need to think and they will apear in your hand or in what body parts the tools should be."

"Ok, lets start with the shovel", after saying that I started to think in a shovel in my left arm, then I heard a soft and metalic sound, after hearing that sound I looked at my left arm then a soft and weak silver light covered my left arm then the pieces of my left hand started to move and after less than a second my left arm change completely, first it was a little bigger than before and instead of a hand there was a huge shovel like the once the construction vehicles have.

When the change finished I tried to move my the shovel And it was natural like if the shovel was always there, then I tried to rotate the shovel And it could rotate (360) degrees." This is very useful."

Then I started trying the other tools, when I thinked about it my right arm changed more-less the same as the left, the only difference was that instead of a shovel there was a drill, where my hand should be, then I think of my arms returning how they used to be and when my arms where normal again, I tried the pickaxe then instead of a silver light covering my arm these time only my hand shined after that in my right hand apearse a grey pickaxe then I hold it with my two hands and tried hitting the floor with it, and the feeling was the same as when I used the shovel or the drill natural, but also different because the pickaxe wasn't light or heavy it had the perfect weight for me to use it.

When I was thinking of that I suddenly remember something and told the System, " Oh I forgot System can you show me the shop."

"Of course host",after the reply of the System in my mind suddenly appeared a very long list of different things, I know once like the radar, the hammer,the flamethrower, and many more, but there were also many more that I didn't know what they do or what they are like the photon generator, the disguise panel,the plasma generator, and the list continues and nearly all of these items have their own grade.

After carefully reading the list I selected three items and tell the System, " System I want the night visor for (10) points, the binoculars for (5) points and the radar for (20) points." I choose this items to increase my survival chances since I don't know where I'm, and since I have (100) points why not.

"Okay host, congratulations host you got: radar (white), night visor(white) and binoculars (white)." After that I decided to check my stats again.

Name: Drake.


Metal: normal iron

Level: 1

Exp: (0/100)

Strength: 20

Wisdom: 20

Intelligence: 20

Endurance: 20

Luck:10 (Max)

Battle strength: initial grade (1)

Skills: night vision (white (passive)), long range vision (white (passive)), radar (white (passive)).

Job: engineer (beginer)

Weapons: pickaxe (white)

Tools: excavation kit (white)

Race abilities: energy restoration, negative effects immunity.

Remarks: It doesn't need to sleep or eat, it doesn't feel pain and his energy will restore automatically, with basic knowledge of engineering it can repair itself faster than before, and a vision and detection abilities that where enchanted.

"Ok, now lets see what missions can I do now."