The Rubik


The Rubik,

Before Tabitha awoke in the forest, she never thought she would have to say goodbye to her past.
Twisted world and uncanny missions.
Monsters, ghosts, and even demons, things that she only saw in movies appeared one by one.
In order to survive, Tabitha accepted this nightmarish reality. She was on the verge of life and death. She seemed to have lost herself. All of them thought they would never get out until she found the key of the way to leave this world in the mission!
Could she escape from this horrible world? And what was the meaning of this world’s existence?
Author's note:
Hi all, this is Louisa-FS. I'm the new writer to the web, hope you guys will like my story.
I will update 4 chapters per week(double chapters during the holidays).
If you like my book or have any thoughts about it, please leave your comments below, I would really appreciate.

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