The Senju Prince


The Senju Prince,

Dylan Reyes is a fan of Naruto anime and reads Naruto fanfictions too much. One day he saves a boy that shouldn't be saved and was indirectly being punished by God by sending him into Naruto world and was transmigrated into a body that he never imagined.
Note: The original story named "Transmigrated into Naruto world" was written by Krish5061. Upon his request, officially, I'm taking over the novel.
He wrote over 94 chapters overall. I fixed the errors that I can and edited the chapters and rewrote a few chapters and adding new ones to my liking without changing the story.
please comment about plot holes left by the previous author so that I can cover it up by writing new chapters.
My grammar ability is pretty much mediocre. I can't do anything about it but please comment I will try my best to correct errors like spelling mistakes etc..

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