The Silver Bride

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The Silver Bride,

Stella hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked, so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Harlequin International...

Until she overheard Dior Harlequin discussing a top-secret deal, and he insisted that Stella was an industrial spy!

Stella was unnerved by her confrontation with Dior Harlequin However, Dior knew just how he would deal with her...

Stella found herself on her way to Dior's island, and two days and nights of perfect passion... followed by an unexpected pregnancy.

Dior had the perfect solution -- they'd marry for the baby's sake. By now, Stella was in love with Dior, but could he learn to love his expectant bride?


A handsome Greek tycoon finds a cleaning woman hiding in a corner of his office and is taken instantly with the beautiful lady he finds.

But when she overhears some confidential data, a thought suddenly occurred that he could use an excuse. For the next few days to maintain her chained to his side.

"When you're my wife, I'll expect you to do exactly as you're told at all times." A stark little silence fell. Stella couldn't believe what Dio had just said.

"Most especially when I am considering your welfare," he added gently. Stella trembled and compressed her bloodless lips.

"You're not seriously asking me to… to marry you?" "Very seriously," Dior asserted.

"But we hardly know each other—"

"We know a little enough that I like you. I respect you. I desire you. What more is there?"

"What about… love?" she prompted, striving for a detached tone. "What about our children?"

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