The Spinster


The Spinster,

Ria Zhang was the ultimate spinster.

Her grandchildren thru her siblings grew up away from her. Literally and figuratively.

Her shadow can make potential suitors scrambled away from her.

But she was happy with her single life.

Her heart stopped beating at 60.

When she opened her eyes again, she was already inside the body of a 28-year old woman. Not just any woman but a vicious one.

Sierra Co was the Vice President of Co TouchMe, a beauty company specializing in styling and grooming of both men and women.

She liked Marvin Kang who loved Kara Lu.

But that was Sierra Co.

She was Ria Zhang in the body of Sierra Co. And she's already 60 years old! No plan to be a cradle snatcher.

Hmmmp, and why would she chase after that man? His D was not that big. Duh.

Again, she might be a spinster but she's already 60 years old.

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