The Story Of A Protoss

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The Story Of A Protoss,

A Protoss said to be one of the highest beings in existence.
Everything apart from that is unknown.
But are they that strong? Why are they so strong? How are they born? Where do they live? How do they live?

And are they peaceful? Or will they kill you upon sight?

There is no other way to find out apart from simply following one and seeing for yourself whether or not they are evil or good. Will this one become a Saint or Devil? Will he help or watch as the life and your soul leaves your body?

Follow a Protoss from his birth to his first prey, from his first spell to his first love and build your own opinion.

Author's note:

I'm back to 1-2 Chapters per week. More likely 2.
I'm writing on stock and I'm extending the general length of chapters. The starting chapters are a bit short cause they were my first ever chapters.
I think I made some progress in just a few chapters and I'm averaging at around 1800-2200 words per chap.

Furthermore, I believe that a story is as good as its readers.
As such, I made this an "interactive" story.
You can write a comment with your ideas and I'll try to add them.
I also make some polls where you can vote on certain events.

Powerups for the MC, the next story arc etc.

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