The Story Of The Pandas


The Story Of The Pandas,

Voja was a very peaceful kingdom. There was love, happiness and unity amongst the people. The land flourished greatly making the surrounding kingdoms and even kingdoms far away envious. They waged wars against the kingdom Voja but they never won. The more they fought, the more they loose. After several unsuccessful attempt, they gave up fighting, concluding to that the kingdom Voja is undefeatable.

The people of Voja worshied the god, Panda. They believed the Panda was the reason for their blessings. Panda kept providing and protecting the people of Voja.

The people of Voja offended the Panda god. They broke his commandment and he turned his back on them.

The cursed Kingdoms of vampires and werewolves, who were on a mission to dominate heard exciting tales about the people of Voja and decided to attack.

The people of Voja were very much afraid. They knew neither vampires nor werewolves could be killed with mortal weapons. How do they fight back? How do they defend themselves? They turn to their god Panda for help

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