The Supreme Sovereign System Volume 5: [Hidden Tittle] Chapter 345 - I agree with you, Edo

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Alfonso run towards the arena while Little blue and Cameron were having a fierce battle!


A sword and a wing clashed with each other.

"You monster" Said Cameron.

"This princess is not a monster; this princess is Little blue!"

Once again, they disappeared from sight!

"I can't see them!" Though Alfonso.

"S-S-Sir!, watch out!" A voice resounded on Alfonso's head.

In an instant, Alfonso's soul power surged while he evaded to the left.


The blade cut Alfonso's hair.

"Lucio!" Shouted Alfonso.

Lucio didn't say anything and began a frenzied attack at Alfonso!

"F.u.c.k!" Though Alfonso.

"[Nostradamus's record]!"


Alfonso's hair turned white while his movements become speedier by the second!


Alfonso clashed with Lucio.

"[Titan's leg]!"

Alfonso made a sidekick, grabbing Lucio's arm!


"You…" Said Lucio while his arm turned numb.

"Haa!" Lucio resisted the pain while he grabbed the leg of Alfonso.

"[Ten thousand]!" Shouted Lucio.

The aura of Lucio surged while he sent Alfonso flying!

Alfonso quickly reincorporates while making a roulette kick on the ground.


Lucio put his arm on its place once more, he threw his sword.

"I defeat you once, I will do it again!" Said Lucio.

He rushed towards Alfonso while he lifted his arm.

"I am not the same as before!" Said Alfonso.


Both fits collide with each other while sound cracking sounds could be heard!

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

Alfonso's fist becoma bloody.

"I am more powerful than you!" Said Lucio.

"Maybe…" Answered Alfonso.

"But I do not fight alone!" Said Alfonso.


In an instant, from Alfonso's hand, the green ring transformed into a snake.


Drakini showed his fangs while it launched itself towards Lucio.

"Shit!" Though Lucio.

He retired his arm, evading the bite of Drakini, however, due to the ricochet effect, he was sent flying.

"Puhaa" Lucio spat blood while his body bounced on a wall.

"This…" Though Lucio.

Lucio looked at the snake who climb to Alfonso's shoulder.

"That f.u.c.k.i.n.g snake!" Though Lucio.

"Ha…ha…ha" Alfonso was gasping for air as well.

He might be as powerful as Lucio because of [Oversoul] and [Nostradamus's record], however, he had a time limit.

"F.u.c.k, it's because this body wasn't supposed to have any soul nor will power" Though Alfonso.

"I have to finish this fast"

Alfonso grabbed his can and walked towards Lucio.

"Drakini, we are finishing this" Said Alfonso.

"Y-Y-Yes, sir!"

Alfonso launched himself towards Lucio!

"This is the end!" He shouted.

However, before his cane could land on Lucio…



Alfonso felt a tremendous impact on his back while he vomited a huge amount of blood.

"S-S-SIR!!!" Shouted Drakini.

Alfonso felt his back was burning while his vision became hasty.

 His body fell to the ground.

"MASTER!!!" Shouted Little bird.

"!" The black-clothed person looked at this and he ran towards the scene.

"Hmph" An arrogant sound came from the person behind the attack.

*Drip* *Drip*

Drops of blood could be seen on the blade of the sword.

"Grand-grandfather" Said Lucio, looking at the figure in front of him.

"Good job at distracting him" Said Edo.

"No, I-"

"I said"

Before Lucio could finish, Edo interrupted him while pointing his sword towards Lucio.

"Good job at distracting him"

Lucio bit his lips while looking at his grandfather, however, he could only resign himself.

"Yes, grandfather"

"Ah…" A faint voice could be heard from Alfonso.

"Hm? This trash actually survived one of my slashes? Not bad" Said Edo.

"However, that is more reason for him to die"

Edo walked towards Alfonso.

However, he got too close to him, someone rushed towards him.


Edo lifted his sword and stopped the attack.

"You…" Said Edo.

The clothed person didn't stop there, it quickly grabbed the sword, and, despite cutting his own hand, he threw it to the ground and used the impulse to propel himself towards Edo!

He made a swift move on the air and he's foot landed on Edo's face.

Edo's bleed from his mouth, but he didn't move from the spot.

The clothed person didn't stop its attack while it quickly made a series of attacks on Edo's body.

Edo felt pain from his body and he quickly retreated.

"Not bad, who might you be? To actually protect someone of another house" Said Edo.

"…" The person didn't answer and put himself between Edo and Alfonso.

"Is this the will of the west?" Shouted Edo.

"No! We don't have anything to do with this!" Answered Fredrick.

"So, you are attacking at your own will? Ha!" Said Edo with a smile on his face.


Edo disappeared in an instant and in a second reappeared behind the clothed man!

"You are hundred years too early to fight with me in terms of speed" Said Edo.


The clothed person quickly evaded; however, he couldn't evade the attack completely and the sword made a big scar on his back.

"You only know how to attack from the back!?" Shouted the clothed man.

Edo looked at the clothed man and smiled.

"What is the point in attacking from the front? A swift and fast blade can injure people if it attacks from the front, but…" Edo smile grew wider.

"It can kill if you attack them from the back… like that trash over there" Said Edo while signaling at the direction of Alfonso.

"You…!" Shouted the clothed man infuriated.

"You know what~"


Suddenly, everyone froze.

Edo, who was smiling from ear to ear, also froze at the sound of the voice.

"I mean what is the point in being courteous, it's not like dead people can talk right~!? HAHAHA" Said the voice.

 Slowly, Edo turned around and saw someone behind him.

"You now? The human body is a fascinating study subject, it's like an ideal machine that each and every piece works to make it work in a wonderful and magical way, B.U.T~" The person behind Edo smiled grew bigger and bigger.

"If you remove a tiny gear of the machinery… all the body falls apart~!" The person put his hand on Edo's cervix and began to caress the tiny bone on Edo's back.

He pushed his finger until it penetrates the flesh of Edo.