The Unwanted Princess

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The Unwanted Princess,

There is a story of the tragic tale of the Lilith Kingdom, there are said to be hundreds of princesses and princes. There is a ranking system that is based on magical prowess.

The stronger your magic, the higher royalty you are. The lowest ranking also known as the "useless children" are the princes and princesses that are born with no magical prowess, children born with no magic are cast aside as useless infants and forgotten in the Hollow castle, destined with the fate of execution by the current Emperor, once they turn the age of 18.

Inanna is one of the several castaway princesses that were born with no magical abilities. Her story ends with her very own father, the Emperor, Julian Castiell. Who sentenced her to death by fire at just 13 years old, after she trespassed and was discovered by him in the Lilith Castle.

Ivery is pissed off with the ending of the novel, Ivery falls asleep shortly after.

But when her sleep is broken, she is startled by a beautiful woman that was in long pure white dress, surrounded by a bright purple light who was floating in the middle of her room!?

The woman suddenly tells her to change Princess Inanna's fate in order to return to her world, Ivery see's such a feat as impossible, but Ivery is soon blinded by a bright flash.

Ivery opens her eyes again and is appalled when she is greeted by a dirty and atrociously cleaned room. She looks in a dirty, cracked mirror. She sees a foreign face that did not belong to her, a youthful beautiful, light blonde haired girl with red eyes that shined just like a perfectly polished ruby.

She realizes that her reality has changed and she's now that same 13 year old Princess Inanna, she knows she has to change the tragic fate of this princess so she can go back to her old life.

Ivery notices a strange glow around her hands. Suddenly a mist bursts out of her palms and an abnormal snow white cat with big golden pink eyes appears in front of her.

And the cat talks?!

He informs Ivery that he is her magical guide in this world. The cat proceeds to tell her about her gifted abilities and she adjusts to her new life and aims to change Inanna's dreading predestined fate, until it all changes...

For the better or for the worst?

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