The Wise King


The Wise King,

Prince Roland was an unconventional member of the royal family. Unlike most of his brothers, he had never set his eyes on the throne, instead single heartedly pursuing the field of magic and combat.

When war broke out against the demons, all his siblings led their troops to the battlefield, hoping to grasp the opportunity to accomplish deeds of honour that would back their claim to the throne.

Roland was just as excited about testing his skills on the field, eagerly preparing to join the legions. However, his ambitious brothers were well aware of his martial prowess, and found ways to block him from joining, leaving him within the capital.

The battle with the demons finally ended after a long war, but the king was the only one of the royal family who survived to return. When even he died of his wounds shortly after, Roland accepted his fate and took the role as King of the Great Manta Kingdom.

Faced with this new fate, Roland can only rely on those around him to provide reliable advice.

Will the Roland manage to achieve his goal of becoming a wise king? Or will he eventually lead the kingdom to its ruin?

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