This Crazy Rich Boy

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This Crazy Rich Boy,

"Work for me for a month, for free. Survive the month, and you'll walk away a rich woman."

All Claire wants is a job, any job. Smart, confident, and an over-achiever at school, she doesn't understand why companies keep rejecting her.

Until she gets a strange job offer from the most eligible bachelor in the country, the CEO and President of a global company, Gabriel Tan.

In her desperation, Claire says yes to the offer--and all hell breaks loose. Little did she know that working for Gabriel would be much more complicated than fetching him his coffee--that she would have to put on the greatest performance of her life.

Worse, Claire soon discovers a rarely seen side of Gabriel--a side that would make her change her mind--and her heart--about this crazy rich boy.


"This is a story that will thrill you to the core of your being. Highly recommended to all romance comedy fans! If you like Sophie Kinsella's works or the Bridget Jones Diary or similar books, then this is for you!" -- Reviewer

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