This Exciting Life


This Exciting Life,

Rebecca died when she's just 18 yrs old and in reality that would be it. But God gives her a second chance in life; it can be on Earth again or in another world. She chooses another world. The world of Amaranth.

It's a world where 21st Century's ideology and values, like equal rights, doesn't exists.
It's a world where royalty and nobles rule the world.
It's a world of magic and fabled beings that Rebecca only thought existed in fiction.
It's a world that will amaze her, test her and bring her on unforgettable adventures.

This exciting life is her life.

Author's note:

So, this is my second novel I'm writing.
My first novel 'Broken, Unbroken' is still ongoing which I will continue working on, but it's a heavy story compared to this one and quite taxing on the mind to write. As such, I felt like releasing a more easy-going story. 'This Exciting Life' will be my priority until I find the energy to continue with 'Broken, Unbroken'.

Att.: the cover is not owned by me and was found on the internet.

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