Transmigration Of Sherry Cuevas


Transmigration Of Sherry Cuevas,

Sherry suffered hardsh.i.p.s after her high school graduation. After her mom died, her family was left in huge debt. Years passed, her father also left her.

She worked hard for years to pay off the debt. On the night she had paid the remaining debt, she got drunk and cheered herself then passed out.

She woke up with agonizing headache. Then it dawned on her. She actually transmigrated!

Author's note:

Will be updating a better synopsis and will do revisions in the future. For now, I will update whatever I have written.

English is not my native language. There will be mistakes.

I don't know what to put as a cover. So for the mean time, there will be none.

Feel free to write your comments. I'm still improving and I need to know what areas I should changed and fix.

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