Trapped With The Doctor

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Trapped With The Doctor,

Trapped Series

Trapped with the Doctor: Episode V

He is the director of the largest hospital in Shine Empire.

She is the daughter of the director of Chengyang Hospital.

When the cool, heartless and high-handed Arvin Gu meets the mischievous, cute and impulsive Angela Si, what will happen?


Hello dear readers!

I’ve been captivated by this Trapped Series from other site and the moment I encountered the first series here on Webnovel, I decided to share this story as well.
It’s a good read and Trapped with the Doctor is the last series but I love to flaunt it here as early as now even if the other series aren’t posted here yet.
This is my favorite coz I also work in the medical field and very rare we get to crush on someone wearing a white lab coat but when it happens, it sure is exciting! Haha

I will try hard to post 2 chapters a day or 14 chaps/week! If I ain’t busy, I might do a surprise mass release! :-)

I am sure eager to respond to your feedback and happy reading to all!
Love lots!

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