Trust In Love

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Trust In Love,

Alex Carter lives with her aunt and has been attending Woodlands Academy for three years now.

What? What a sad boring normal life? Nah.

Truth is, Alex Carter is not just the only heiress to one of the biggest companies in the world but also she's pretending to be a guy at school much to her parents' dismay.

Fortunately, this sad boring normal life leaves her off the hook from the school's notorious playboys, unecessary dramas and juicy scandals. It was going pretty smoothly.

That is...

Until on a Monday late afternoon when Logan Parker stops by Alex's house just in time for him to catch her with extensions in her hair, make-up on her face, heels on her feet and b.o.o.b.s in her dress.

Things were about to change for sure. Despite all of Alex's precautions, someone slipped inside her walls and became part of her world. For better or for worse? That still remains to be unseen.

Join in and be part of the biggest secret in this fiction world.

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