Unrivaled System

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Unrivaled System,

There are Three Strongest power in the Universe The Chaos, The Nihility and The Infinite

Two Ruler of the Gods and Devils hold the power of Nihility and Chaos

The God has the power of Nihility while the Devil holds the Chaos

The God couldn't defeat the mastery of Chaos from the Devil who was at the summit while he is only at the peak, The God sacrificed some of his lifespan to bought some time to create The Unrivaled System

Finally after millions of years the God created the Unrivaled System but he was still not confident in defeating the Devil because he believes only the holder of the Infinite can

In the end the God sees a wandering soul in the void of his Nihility and betted on him that he will hold the Infinite, The God gave the Unrivaled System to the soul and the Power of Nihility and sacrifice his life to buy sometime to make the soul get stronger.


Now let us see the adventure of the Soul which who will hold the power of Infinite and Nihility while having the Unrivaled System to guide him and destroy the Chaos and be Unrivaled in the Universe.

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