Valor System


Valor System,

Sam is a boy whose body contains a unique soul. Before he could even realize his future, he died.

He did not expect to be reincarnated, he assumed he would die and then rest in peace among the stars.

But God has denied him; that my kind can't live in heaven, even the Devil denied me entry, basically telling me that I was against the rules. Whatever the hell that means.

Afterward, the Devil granted me two wishes; one being where I want to be reborn and the other being anything I want. Maybe I'm being melodramatic, but I died, I have the right to complain, you know?


That was my day, what was yours like?

Author's note:

Only pick this up if you're ready to read beginner work, also expect, some things to change as I try to increase my writing skill. If you think I could improve somewhere, please, let me know.

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