Zed Harp was born on earth but then some circ.u.mstances made him realized how good would it be to travel the world that once he like Marvels, DC. Now passing away of old age not achieving he so desired he is reincarnated this time as a teenage boy who live beside the hero spider-man who is Peter parker in the marvel world.

Will he try to fight against the heavens to be the hero or will he just enjoy whatever he wants in this universe. Acquire the power of Venom (His partner)he began to journey that world not knowing what would happen next.

Some cartoons such as X-Men: Evolution , Wolverine and the X-Men and other Marvel movies,cartoons and animated movies will be used including some DC characters. (I Do Not Own Marvel, DC Or Any Of Its Products) It is also a Revision of some marvel fanfic which there is some plot included. Credits to them.

-Some brutal scenes included

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