Venture With Anime System


Venture With Anime System,

What!? You're saying that earth was only one of the tiny worlds in the outer realm?


Various things suddenly happened in the whole world. A vortex abruptly appeared in the sky, followed by a strange voice. Because of this phenomenon, the earth have been put in a dangerous situation. The vortex was releasing a strange gas that gave birth to countless strange creatures. A continuous evolution of various animals, plants, and trees. The worst part, as this vortex turns out to be a tunnel to another world, and Earth was suddenly found by other races, endangering people from the earth in becoming slaves.

Fortunately, humans also gained different abilities, but is this enough? Of course not! Their enemies could fly in the sky, with a single flick of their hands could smash a mountain and split the sea.

An ordinary youth gained a peculiar ability, an evolution that different from others. What would happen if a person could wield different abilities that came from anime?

What bloodline? I don't even care about that! Your father here had many choices. A blood of Saiyan? Vampire? Ninja? Mafia boss? Magi? Titan? Hahaha, scared? Unfortunately, that was only a tip of an iceberg.

So you're fighting me with numbers huh? Hahaha, what an idiotic decision. So what if you have an army, battalion or people you could use? I, your father had Gundams under my leadership!

Oh, now you're using your servants, huh? I, your father had Archer, Saber, Gilgamesh, Lancer, etc. under my hands!

Magical beasts? Fear, not my brothers! I, your Grandfather had Pokemon and Digimon in my sleeve!

You dare to barge in my home! Received my wrath! I would show you the power of anime!

What would happen if all the anime characters abilities gather in one body?

With the Anime system in his hands, Luan Jose would venture all the world to create his own legend; protecting all the people he cared while slaughtering those who block his path.

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