Voltron Reincarnation System


Voltron Reincarnation System,

Reborn into an Alternate Reality, parallel to the Voltron Legendary Defender show from Netflix, as a member of the Altean Race and a noble at that. His first sixteen years of his new life had been peaceful. He only knew the Altean's Kingdom. That was until the events leading up to the war with the Galra and near-extinction of his race, which he tried to avert and failed miserably.

His name is Nemoi Vargon.

After his father's castle was besieged by Galra Forces, they were unable to hold the line. Believed all was lost, they escaped into unknown space through randomized wormhole jumps with their teludav.

Before he knew it, he was the last one left alive on board the castle. Using the little knowledge of Voltron left from his old world in the back of his mind, he sets course for Earth.

His plan, sleep for 10,000 years and have Pidge Gunderson of the future Voltron Paladins wake him up.

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