Vrmmorpg: Cosmic Order


Vrmmorpg: Cosmic Order,

The VRMMORPG: Cosmic order was created to save the world from a plague, wars, and evil despots. These tyrannical men were from different corporations who desired nothing more than to destroy the last continents on Earth. Tao Lin, the main protagonist, turns towards a gaming machine called the cultivator, a machine his dad died to make, and winds up pulled away from his home town. He enters Cosmic Order, and starts on his journey.

However, there are a few interesting things about this game. One, when your level increases so does your cultivation! That means when Tao Lin reaches level two he is at the second Qi Condensation stage! Two, it was supposedly made by The Alchemist. A man no one has seen or heard from in 50 years. Will Tao Lin be able to achieve success in this game? He becomes the second of a new line of players in Cosmic Order. Hopefully, out of all things, a game will help them save the world. And, perhaps, they might just reach immortality.

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