Weakest Moon Goddess Adventure


Weakest Moon Goddess Adventure,

Diana Lunaferra Andromeda Moonbringer (Yes, that's her real name) was just normal extraordinary Immortal born in the Lunar realm. With her immortal born heritage and abilities you'd think her life was great except for one small thing...


Destroying Continents? Well, you'd need at least 200 years of working experience.

Owning your own Church? Aunty said if she was a good little girl she'd get her own in about 500 years.

What's a young 160 year old Immortal to do in this boring and jobless world?!

Wait... there's a new department opened up to monitor a backwater planet? And she could be a boss there? Sign me right up! It's not at all suspicious that i have to stay on that planet as a "normal" person...

Hi, this is my first story on WebNovel and my first semi-serious work. I'm going to try hard and post chapters on this, and hope you enjoy!
I made a mistake on the previous title so it's back to zero dudes....

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