When Love Beckons Twice Volume 1 Chapter 280 - Make Sure She Never Laughs Again

Song Jia raised her eyebrow and looked at her, her voice sounding annoyed and slightly raspy from pain, "Apologise? To You? Why? For not loving a sick woman like you?"

Fei Yan realized only now what she going to say and her teeth gritted. After she could not tell her from her own mouth now, about what Wu Zhang did to her. All she could do was grit her teeth. 

"Don't talk too much you whore!" Fei Yan slapped Song Jia again, making her cheek swell this time. "I think you don't know when to shut this shitty mouth of yours! Let me teach you! Open her legs!"

On Fei Yan's orders, a lackey of Weng Qin immediately stepped forward and cut the ropes that were tied around Song Jia's ankles. Fei Yan didn't even wait for another second and grabbed Song Jia's hair, tugging on it roughly to make her stand on her feet. "Get up!"

Song Jia felt a sharp pain in her scalp and after some struggle managed to stand. Fein Yan continued pulling her by her hair and dragged her out of the room. 

Fei Yan turned around to the men who had all been called by her previously and were waiting for her outside and said to Weng Qin, "Get them all to where Wu Zhang is."

Fei Yan continued dragging Song Jia but Song Jia looked shocked right now, not caring about where she was being taken, because the place that they were in right now, was enough to shock her to her core.

It was Wave Manor!

The old house that she had emptied after Nanny Lin died. She had moved the few servants that they had to Song Mansion so this place had been empty and locked ever since.

No wonder no one was able to find Wu Zhang for so long because they never expected her to abduct him and keep him right under their noses. 

No one had even thought of looking for him here, at HER old house! 

Forget looking here, none of them had even thought that he would be brought to C City from F City; much less that she would keep him at Wave Manor.

Fei Yan tugged her hair harder to make her walk faster, which also pulled her out of her thoughts and she found herself walking to the servant quarters that was behind the manor.

When they reached the entrance of the quarter, Fei Yan's steps paused when she saw two of Weng Qin's lackeys laying on the ground looking half-dead. 


This time she let go of Song Jia's hair and pushed him to a man standing behind her to keep her from running before she herself bolted to the room where Wu Zhang was kept and all the men, followed after her.

Fei Yan was not surprised to see the door unlocked and she pushed it ajar with a loud thud, to only be greeted by an empty room. The ropes with which he was tied were still hanging from between the hoops but the person that was tied was nowhere to be seen. She picked up the cut ropes in her hand and seeing them, bubbled her body with burning rage.

"Where is he?!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and the men looked at each other; baffled. They had not expected him to run away.

"Where the f.u.c.k is he?" She grabbed the collar of the man that was closest to her and shouted in his face.

"Where is Xiao Lan?" one of the men realized that even Xiao Lan, that was supposed to keep a watch on Wu Zhang was also missing.

"One of your men ruined all my plans!" and she slapped Weng Qin who was standing there.

"Haha..." Before the man could say anything, their eyes all moved towards the corner of the room where Song Jia had just been pulled in by one of the lackeys and was now giggling.

"Poor you... tut! " Song Jia chuckled, enjoying Fei Yan's predicament. "You went through all this trouble for him and he fled away Fei Yan!"

"Shut up!" Fei Yan screamed at her which didn't have any effect on Song Jia as her smile never faded. "I will deal with you later, s.l.u.t!"

She then turned to Weng Qin, "What do you think you are doing by still standing here? Go and look for him or else I would kill all of you right here!"

Weng Qin didn't need to be told twice, and he ran out of the room with at least twenty of his men, leaving some ten or so to guard Song Jia behind. Once the men were out of the room Fei Yan looked at Song Jia. 

"Let's see how you laugh anymore." She then looked at the men who were holding her and said, "What do you think about this bitch here? Isn't she pretty?"

The men ran their gaze at Song Jia from head to toe and even when she was in such a messed up state, they could not help but still find her attractive. She was fair and had a tall frame, a lean figure with perfect curves, and just the required amount of meat at just the required places. 

One of the men eyed her chest, without caring to hide his l.u.s.t and nodded, "She indeed is good meat."

"Then you can have her for yourself. I wanted all of you to have fun with her, but since they are out looking for Wu Zhang, you can enjoy her. Just make sure to teach her a lesson good enough that she forgets to laugh anymore." With that said, Fei Yan turned around to walk out of the room.


Before Fei Yan could even reach the door, she heard a man who was closest to Song Jia screaming. She turned around to see Song Jia kick him in his groin and then pull out a switchblade from behind her, which she stabbed in his arm and in the next moment, grabbed his pistol from his waist.

When Love Beckons Twice

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