Why's My Wife A Wolf?


Why's My Wife A Wolf?,

I always lived a bookworm life, I was afraid of death, maybe reading so much manga about reincarnations had made me a coward, sometimes I even had nightmares with truck-kun ...

After declaring my childhood friend, an explosion occurred, a turbine of the plane broke loose and exploded with the house's heating system. To think that aircraft-sensei was going to prevent me from knowing if I would die with at least a girlfriend...

Am I being born again?

9 years later.

Why is my karma so bad? I've been training and cultivating since I was born, is there no justice in this world?

"You will become the future of our race" A voice resounded in his head.

Ten drops of golden blood came out of his chest, became a seal.

"From now on, you two are one"

His eyesight darkened. When he saw again, he was on a bed of straw, beside him a little silver wolf slept peacefully.

"Why do I feel this familiarity with you?"

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