World Traveler


World Traveler,

Nero Giovanni, a martial art fanatic dies a classic death by yours truly track Kun
and is set to an otherworld

first world
hunters x hunter world


Dieing in a car accident Nero Giovanni wakes up in a strang room with someone claiming to be the soul administer
Nero is then reincarnated in a new world with all his memory's wthe new abilities
who will his new adventure go
read and find out.


Author's note:

So if you read any of my unfinished/poor works before
You could tell English is not my first language

No matter how much I edit these books I am sure some of you will find some miss-spelling and grammatical errors

to that, I say sorry I am improving with every try
so bere wit it for the time

I only write for fun so update my not be consistent
also sorry about this

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