Your Demons My Angels


Your Demons My Angels,

" In the end it's all about survival. "
" Why does a frail girl like you need to be a dragon tamer. Tell your brother to get you married. "
" One wrong step and death is all yours. "
" So what choice do you make ? "

It becomes too difficult fer her to accept her powers, har past , her future and ..... Herself.

The boy she loved left her for anonymous reason.
Her family problems do not seem to end.
Her powers are too much for her to handle.

She tries to keep it in but, war has only one outcome that is hate. It would allow it to take over her and use her like a pawn. Just like it did with whole of her clan.

" What right do you have to judge her when you don't even know her. "
" So what if she and I do not share the same blood line. She my sister by heart "
" Dear it's the profession of the people to gossip. "
But these people taught her how to become more than who you are.

" But I am not good enough for you. "
" No , your not good. You are perfect. I just love you the way you are. "
This person gave her courage to move on in life.

" Dear our clan made a huge mistake a long time ago. Now look at where we are. Even if we are alive its no better than dead. Are you sure just in the name of revenge you are ready to make the same mistake again ? "
If you have made a mistake then accept it. "
And these people taught her correct her mistakes.

" If today I die ....... Then promise me that you will take care of my sister. She is living the childhood that I once used to live. "
This person taught her that love is unconditional and that being a coward is a choice not an excuse.

And everyone of these people gave the power not only to suppress it but also combine forces with it.

After the Land of Dragons lacked in romantic folk tales.

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