Zatland Zuallen

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Zatland Zuallen,

The human race has lost it planet.
It’s Countless earthlings have been enslaved to various alien overlords. The clash of man and superior creatures has been lost. and the remanent of the human race have been cast out into space, to find a path for themselves, and a new home planet.

The earthling only having one specialized characteristic to keep themselves from being enslaved, their ability too rapidly propagate.

Since their time out in space, a good 700 years from losing there planet. They have breed and expanded their population to above and beyond 150 billion people.

Enough to be a little bit of a threat against other weak alien species. and also their greatest assets.

The human race sells itself to be free, but is instead further lead down the path to its own destruction.

Join Zatalan zuallen, a boy who decided to fight on the front lines of the entire human species, a boy who became a legend.

“I agree to kneel, only because getting on my knees, mean that we have become a two-headed serpent, one hanging a bit lower than his brother, always plotting for the time in which to overthrow you. Always seeking for a path to rule the world!”

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